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Completed Projects

Sr.No.Project TitleYear of CompletionPrincipal InvestigatorCo - InvestigatorReports
Saving Newborn lives in Uttar pradesh through improved management of birth Asphyxia: Situational analysis2014Dr. Manoja Kumar DasMs. Vaishali Deshmukh
Nonalcoholic Fatty liver disease in school children aged 5-10 years: prevalence in Overweight/obese and normal weight Children and its association with metabolic syndrome2014Dr. Anupam SibalDr. Manoj Kumar Das,
Dr. Sarath Gopalan,
Dr. Vidyut Bhatia et al
India Newborn Stove Project Pilot study for Palwal, Haryana2014Dr. N.K. AroraMayur Vaswani,
Rupak Mukhopadhyay
India cold chain expansion analysis2014Dr. Manoj Kumar DasDr. A P Dubey,
Dr. K Suresh,
Dr. Tanuja Agarwal et al
Neuro Developmental Disabilities among children in India- An INCLEn study2014Dr. N.K Arora,
Dr. M.K.C.  Nair
Dr. Jennifer Pinto-Martin,
Dr. Donald Silberberg
Assessment of User-friendly product presentation for Amoxicillin Dispersible Tablets in the treatment of childhood Pneumonia in low-resource setting2014Dr. Manoja Kumar DasDr. Samarendra Mahapatro 
Diarrhea Global Action Plan (DGAP) Project2012Dr. N. K. AroraDr. Sarath Gopalan,
Dr.Vidyut Bhatia,
Dr. N.Kiranmala Devi et al
Determinants of Under-Nutrition in Children2011Dr. Siddarth Ramji,
Dr. Kiran Goswami
Vaishali Deshmukh
Achieving MDG5: INCLEN Program Evaluation Network Pilot Study into Governance of Health Systems in Ethiopia2011Dr. Damen Haile Mariam,
Dr. Sanjay Chaturvedi,
Dr. Kalyan Ganguly et al
Ato Melesse Tamiru,
Dr. Eskinder Kebede,
Dr. Srabasti Basu et al
Analysis of Social Determinants of under nutrition in children Generating evidence for policy2011Dr. Siddarth Ramji,
Dr. Kiran Goswami
Vaishali Deshmukh
Hib Initiative Hospital based Sentinel Surveillance for Meningitis in Children (UP)2010Dr. Vishwajeet Kumar
Concurrent Evaluation of the Reach, Effectiveness and Impact of the Mukhya Mantri Janani Shishu Swasthya Abhiyan2010Dr. Sanjay Rai,
Dr. Lalitendu Jagatdeb,
Dr. Rema Devi S,
Dr. Manoja Kumar Das,
Dr. Sarita Singh
Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening Initiative2010Dr. N.K. AroraKurien Thomas,
A.K. Niswade,
V.K. Srivastava
Clinical Profile, Practice Patterns and Outcomes of MDRTB in India  An Multi Centric Study2009C. Sudheendra GhoshS K Sharma,
R. Guleria,
GC Khilnani et al
Developing Techniques for Population Health Assessment Grand Challenges 13 Population Health Metrics Consortium Project Verbal Autopsy2009Dr. Vishwajeet Kumar
SAPNA-III- South Asian Pneumococcal Alliance and the Invasive Bacterial Infection Surveillance Group2009Dr. RK Adhikari,Dr.P.R. Wijesinghe
Evaluation of Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness2009Dr. N.K. AroraDr. C. S. Pandav,
Dr. R.M. Pandey,
Dr. Rema Devi et al
Influenza Awareness Preparedness and Response2009Shobha Broor
Model Injection Centres - A program to improve Injection practices in the  country (MIC)2009Dr. N.K. AroraDr. S.K. Pradhan,
Dr. Sanjay Arya,
Mr. Rakesh Pillai et al
Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness  Baseline Assessment of Childhood Morbidity and Mortality in Selected Districts in India2008Dr. N.K. AroraDr C. S. Pandav,
Dr R.M. Pandey,
Dr Rema Devi et al
Multicenter Observational Study to Assess the Safety of Outpatient Treatment of Severe Pneumonia with Oral Amoxicillin in Children aged 3 to 59 months2007Hesham El-Sayed
Neonatal Health Research Initiative2007A.K. Niswade

V.K Srivastava
Social Determinants for effective implementation of UIP and Polio eradication program in Moradabad and JP Nagar2007Dr. Rajib DasguptaDr. Sanjay Chaturvedi,
Dr. Vivek Adhish,
Dr. K.K. Ganguly et al
Evaluation of the Safe Water Systems Project in Slums of Dehradun and Haridwar Districts of Uttaranchal2007Dr.K.Anand,

Dr.N.K.Arora et al
Dr. Jyoti Semwal,
Dr. Surekha Kishore
Integrated Disease Surveillance Program2006Kurien ThomasDr. N. K. Arora,
Ramesh Ahuja,
Saradha Suresh et al
Assessment of Injection Practices in India2006Dr. N. K. AroraDr. Thomas Mathew,
Dr. S. Rema Devi,
Ms. Sneh Rewal et al
Final Evaluation of Reproductive and Child Health Nutrition and HIV AIDS RACHNA Program2006R. C. AhujaDr. N. K. Arora,
Alfred Bartlett,
Rajesh Kumar
Evaluation of Universal Immunization Program UIP in India- An INCLEN Study2005Dr. N.K. Arora,
Dr. Remadevi. S
Dr. A.K.Patwari,
Dr. S.K. Pradhan,
Dr. S. Vivek Adhish et al
Development of a Clinical Prediction Rule for Group A Beta Hemolytic Streptococcal Pharyngitis in Children2004Dr. Rashmi Kumar,
Dr. Saradha Suresh
Dr. Amita Jain,
Dr. Luke Ravi Chelliah,
Dr. Paul David
Effectiveness of 3-Day Amoxicillin Vs 5-Day Cotrimoxazole in The Treatment of Non severe Pneumonia In Children Aged 2-59 Months of Age A Multi Centric Open Labeled Trial2004Dr. Shally AwasthiDr. S.K Kabra,
Dr. Bimal Das,
Dr. Sunit Singhi et al
Three day versus five day treatment with amoxicillin for non-severe pneumonia in young children: a multicentre randomised controlled trial2004Shally AwasthiS K Kabra,
Madhuri Kulkarni,
N Murali, et al
Prevalence of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) among Plus Two Girls with Menstrual Dysfunction2004Dr.M.K.C NairDr. C. Nirmala
Antimicrobial Resistance Pattern of Coagulase-Negative Staphylococci with Intravenous Device2004Dr. Amita Jain,Professor Shally Awasthi,
Professor G. G. Agarwal,
Mrs. Shakuntala Singh et al
Markers of Fetal Onset Adult Disease among Low Birth Weight Adolescents2004Dr.M.K.C NairDr. M. Zulfikar Ahmed,
Dr. Latha Nair,
Antibiotic Prescribing Pattern (APP) and Related Factors in Primary and Secondary Health Care Facilities of Government and Private Settings2004Dr.Kumari IndiraMs. Rema Devi,
Dr. Rajamohanan Pillay,
Dr.L Jeyseelan et al
Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of amoxicillin in the treatment of non-severe pneumonia with wheeze in children aged 2-59 months of age: a multi-centric study (ISCAP Wheezing Study)2004Dr. Shally Awasthi,
Dr. S.K. Kabra
Dr. Niswade,
Dr. Raghupathy,
Dr. RajMohan Pillai et al
Efficacy of zinc in the treatment of severe and very severe pneumonia in hospitalized children 2-24 months of age2004Dr. Shinjini BhatnagarDr. S.K. Kabra
HIV Screening in India A KAP Study of Health Care Providers2004Dr. Mary KurienDr. Kurien Thomas,
Dr. Jeyaseelan,
Dr. Selvaraj, et al
Investigation of The Risk Factors and Transmission of Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis MDR-TB2003Dr. J.N. PandeDr. S K Sharma,
Dr. R. Guleria,
Dr. GC Khilnani, et al
Cost-Effectiveness of Different Types of Supervision in Directly Observed Treatment for Tuberculosis (DOTS) Phase I: Perceptions of the Community about Directly Observed Treatment for Tuberculosis2002Manjula DattaRajendra Prasad,
RC Ahuja,
M Joshi et al
Community antimicrobial resistance study2002Dr. M.K. LalithaDr. Kurien Thomas,
Dr. Mark C. Stienhoff,
Dr. Bimal Das et al
Vitamin A2002Dr. Rema DeviDr. Thomas Mathew,
Dr. S. K. Kapoor
Dr. K. Anand, et al
Family Health Awareness Campaign- Concurrent Evaluation2002Dr. N.K. AroraDr. Deoki Nandan,
Dr. S.K. Mishra,
Dr. M.M.A. Faridi et al
Family Health Awareness Campaign- Process Evaluation2001Dr. N. K. AroraDr. M. Lakshman,
Dr. K. Anand,
Dr. Kiran Goswami et al
Barriers in Polio Eradication2001Dr. N. K. AroraDr. M. Lakshman,
Dr. A. K. Patwari,
Dr. Kiran Goswami et al
Family Health Awareness Campaign- Coverage Evaluation2000Dr. N. K. AroraDr. M. Lakshman,
Dr. K. Anand,
Dr. Kiran Goswami et al
World Safe2000Desmond K. RunyanM. Beatriz Vizcarra,
Sergio Muñoz,
Marina Alarcón et al
Community Prevalence of STD And HIV in Tamil Nadu A Probability Proportional to Size Cluster Survey2000Dr. Kurien ThomasDr. L. Jeyaseelan,
Dr. A. Peedicayil,
Dr. S.P. Thyagavajan et al
Intensive Pulse Polio Immunization- Program Evaluation2000Dr. N. K. AroraDr. A. K. Patwari,
Dr. K Anand,
Dr. Kiran Goswami et al
Pulse Polio Immunization Program- Program Evaluation: AIIMS IndiaCLEN1999Dr. N.K. AroraDr. A.K. Patwari,
Dr. M. Lakshman,
Ms. Sneh Rewal et al
Family Health Awareness Campaign- Program evaluation1999Dr. N.K. AroraDr. A.K. Patwari,
Dr. M. Lakshman,
Ms. Sneh Rewal et al
Pulse Polio Immunization Program- Program Evaluation1998Dr. N.K. AroraDr. A.K. Patwari,
Dr. M. Lakshman,
Ms. Sneh Rewal et al
The IndiaCLEN invasive bacterial infection surveillance (IBIS) study The burden of vaccine preventable illness1996Dr. M.C. Steinhoff,
Dr. K. Thomas
Dr. M. K. Lalitha,
Dr. Bimal Das,
Dr. Shally Awasthi et al

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