Brief: The Donner Canadian Foundation was established in 1950 by William H. Donner. In the mid-1960s, the Foundation began to focus on specific program interests, among these, research on public policy. In addition to ongoing funding of public policy research, the Foundation supports environmental, international development, and social service projects.      

Thrust Areas: Public policy research and education, International development and human rights projects, Land and wildlife conservation, Delivering social services and Medical research.      

Funding Opportunity: Medical and public policy research      

Who Can Apply: The Donner Canadian Foundation does not regularly respond to letters of inquiry or unsolicited requests for funding. However, it does maintain files about charitable organizations and their work. The Foundation uses this information – along with proactive research and input from advisors – in its search for high-potential projects. To inform this search, charitable organizations may send the Foundation’s Executive Director a two- to three-page description of their goals and programs. If there is a potential match between this work and the interests of the Foundation, Staff will contact the charity for more information.      

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