Transition to Scale

Application Deadline


Funding Agency

Grand Challenges Canada (BOLD IDEAS WITH BIG IMPACT)

Funding Amount

$250,000 to $1.0 million CAD

Grand Challenges Canada seeks to support the transition to scale and sustainability of Bold Ideas with Big Impact. They look for Integrated Innovation approaches, defined as the coordinated application of scientific/ technological, social and business innovation that have significant potential for future health outcomes and a path to financial sustainability. Innovations must be relevant to low resource settings and target poor, marginalized population of low- or middle- income countries (LMICs).

Grand Challenges Canada will evaluate Transition- to- Scale applicants based on their use of an integrated innovation approach, demonstration of proof of concept and potential for future health outcomes, entrepreneurship, smart partners and sustainability, and commitment to achieving meaningful access and outcomes for poor, marginalized population in LMICs.

Priority Areas

Applicants aligned with a targeted challenge:

1. Saving Lives at Birth

Projects aligned here are focused on the prevention of maternal and newborn deaths and stillbirths. At proof of concept, project results should have demonstrated improved health outcomes and/ or expanded access to quality care around the time of birth for pregnant women, mothers and/ or newborns. At the challenge, projects are expected to demonstrate impact in one or more of the following areas:

a)      Decreased neonatal mortality rate

b)      Decreased institutional neonatal mortality rate

c)      Decreased neonatal morbidity incidence/ prevalence rate

d)      Decreased neonatal morbidity case fatality rates

e)      Decreased institutional maternal mortality ratio

f)       Decreased direct obstetric case fatality rate

g)      Decreased maternal morbidity incidence/ prevalence rates

h)      Decreased maternal morbidity case fatality rates

i)        Decreased stillbirth rate

j)        Decreased intrapartum stillbirth rate

k)      Decreased intrapartum and very early neonatal death rate

l)        Decreased low birth weight rate

m)   Decreased pre-term birth rate

n)      Increased demand for family planning satisfied

o)      Increased coverage of antenatal care (4 or more visits)

p)      Increased coverage of skilled attendants at delivery

q)      Increased coverage of early post natal visit for mothers & babies

r)       Increased coverage of thermal/ newborn care

s)       Increased coverage of exclusive breast feeding

t)       Increased coverage of early initiation of breast feeding

2. Global Mental Health

Projects aligned here should demonstrate the ability to improve treatment and expand access to evidence based care of people living with mental illness at the proof of concept stage. At the challenge, projects are expected to demonstrate impact in one or more of the following areas:

a)      Integrate screening and core packages of services into routine primary health care

b)      Reduce the cost and improve the supply of effective medications

c)      Provide effective and affordable community based care and rehabilitation

d)      Improve children’s access to evidence- based care by trained health providers

e)      Develop effective treatments for use by non specialists, including lay health workers with minimal training

f)       Incorporate functional impairment and disability into assessment

g)      Develop mobile and IT technologies (such as telemedicine) to increase access to evidence- based care

h)      Develop mental health treatments and service delivery models for humanitarian contexts.

Eligibility Criteria

·         The applicant must be a non-profit organization, for-profit company, or another recognized institution that is incorporated in an eligible jurisdiction and is capable of receiving and administering funding.

·         Only institutions from the countries mentioned below are eligible to apply.

·         Transition- to- scale agreements require 1:1 matching through partnerships to be eligible for Grand Challenges Canada funding. Grand Challenges Canada reserves the right to determine the extent to which the 1:1 matching funds from partnerships are deemed acceptable.

·          A majority of the applicant’s activities and budget must be carried out/ spent in an eligible country (or countries) listed in the Appendix A (attached in the mail). If the nature of the proposal means that a significant amount funding will not be spent in one of the eligible jurisdictions, applicants must provide strong reasoning and convincing arguments that ultimately the proposal will benefit people in those countries.


How to Apply

·         Please see for all application guidelines, submission instructions and forms.

·         Applications can be submitted in either English or French or both.

·         To be considered  for a Transition- to- Scale investment, applicants are required to submit the following:

a)      Health Impact Questionnaire

b)      Scale and Sustainability Questions, and business/ development plan, if available.

Contact Details

For more information about Priority Areas and other information, please visit the following links: