Brief: Onaway, founded in 1974, in response to the reawakening of cultural identity amongst Native American peoples, has supported traditional indigenous groups in maintaining their natural worldviews and lifestyles for over four decades.

In contrast to global consumerism, Onaway believes that other valid worldviews are possible, and that there is much to learn from the diminishing tribes of natural people, if only we allow the space and time to listen.

By providing seed grants to natural peoples projects, Onaway strives to keep alive ancient knowledge and wisdom that would otherwise be lost - and may be vital to humankind in the future of this planet.

Thrust Areas: 

·         Rights of indigenous people: protecting sacred and/or traditional lands.

·         Cultures and traditions: oral history, heritage, dance, drama and/or language;

·         Natural health and native medicines: provision of potable water; growing, harvesting and preparing traditional medicines;

·         Agriculture and animal husbandry: growing of indigenous food sources, keeping of livestock, preparation and marketing of food stuffs; projects supporting organic farming;

·         Arts and Crafts: skills, heritage and philosophies involved in traditional arts and crafts, and the life-styles and livelihoods derived from their production;

·         Spirituality and holistic philosophies: maintaining rituals and festivals; activities that help disseminate indigenous spiritual beliefs or philosophies;

·         Education: dissemination of information; schools; training and workshops etc. in support of any of the above categories.


Who Can Apply: The current areas of funding focus are the Americas and Asia.

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