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INCLEN Institute of Global Health (IIGH)

IIGH is an umbrella structure for the network to intensify and coordinate its activities in India. It is an engine for program development, execution and do advocacy for global and local policy translations. It shall function as a catalyst structure to re-energize CEUs and CERTCs across the globe. IIGH will facilitate strategic partnership with donors, universities and researchers in its global health initiatives. It is also a platform to engage research and capacity building for leaders from different sectors and to coordinate thematic group activities at global level. Thus, IIGH is a strategic think-tank for entire network and a mechanism to generate resources for scale up activities

Vision for IIGH:

“IIGH is the resource platform for research, capacity building and fund generation to achieve the overall goal of INCLEN and work towards further expansion and sustainability of network, based on its initial spirit.”


1. Research capacity building

  • IIGH is facilitating programs like PhD, MPhil and other Post-graduate degrees and/or diplomas through its network partners
  • IIGH shall acquire university affiliation/collaboration to facilitate these processes
  • It is a hybrid strategy for strengthening subject specific and generic research and capacity building on global health issues
  • Work with CEUs and CERTCs to develop new and innovative models of capacity building
  • Run summer/winter courses on focused themes
  • Facilitate internship programs at IIGH and other units of all regions
2. An engine for program development, execution, and policy translations

  • IIGH is an institute for helping researchers for enhancing academic credentials and visibility
  • Provides a collaborative environment with access to global networks
  • Access to highly skilled and experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds
  • Supports large multi-centric and multi-country studies

IIGH faculties can be located in any geographic locations, provided the person is engaged in an INCLEN program and/or activity

3. Establish INCLEN research portfolios

  • IIGH work with research thematic groups to built portfolio activities for the network
  • It facilitates program developments and leadership through network wide participation
  • Consolidates research funding opportunities across the globe
  • Builds bridges with donors and ministry of health in resource constraint regions of the world


4. Knowledge Translation & Policy Advocacy at national, regional and global levels

  • IIGH shall convene periodic Policy, Research and Practice Think Tanks to characterize national, regional and global health issues and provide directions for present and future research
  • Identify and disseminate high quality, practical research, policy and clinical care ‘tools’


INCLEN will become a global, regional and national voice for ‘research to policy to action’ in global health.

A ‘Policy Unit’ at IIGH will give directions for translating evidences, generated by the Network.