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Thematic Groups

With a view of making INCLEN a dynamic institute contributing to global health issues through the conduct of collaborative research studies INCLEN thematic groups were constituted. Members of each themes will develop locally relevant research and capacity building proposals to seek funds for implementing inter-CLEN projects.

In February 2015, the members of thematic groups met in Johannesburg to discuss pre-proposals and identified research questions that shall lead to the development of collaborative and multisite Inter-CLEN proposals. These were grouped under 5 themes:

  1. Mental health
  2. Injuries and violence
  3. Maternal and reproductive health
  4. Child health
  5. Diabetes and metabolic syndrome

For each group, one group coordinator was appointed to pursue and coordinate with the members and Executive Office.

A web-based environmental scan system was made functional at IEO and all potential funding opportunities are uploaded in INCLEN website, at regular intervals.


Thematic Group Members

  • Mental Health
  • Injuries and Violence
  • Maternal and Reproductive Health
  • Child Health
  • Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome

Group I : Mental Health

1. Xia Hong Hongxia@pumch.cn
2. Mohammad Hossein Rabhar mohammad.h.rahbar@uth.tmc.edu
3. Fernando Suarez fernando.suarezobando@gmail.com
4. Carlos Gomez Restrepo (Group Coordinator) cgomez_restrepo@yahoo.com
5. Shuba Kumar shubakumar@samarthngo.org
6. Yusuf Moosa yusuf.moosa@wits.ac.za

Proposal to be pursued

Use of Mobile Apps for Screening and Management of Depression, Anxiety and Alcohol abuse, at the Primary Care and General Hospital Level: INCLEN e-Mental Health Initiative

Lead – LatinCLEN

Participating CLENs/ countries: LatinCLEN, IndiaCLEN, ChinaCLEN and INCLEN Africa

Group II: Injuries and Violence

1. Cunxian Jia jiacunxian@sdu.edu.cn
2. Shumei Wang wshm@sdu.edu.cn
3. Shrikant Bangdiwala kant@unc.edu
4. Amr Moghazy moghazy@yahoo.com
5. Vincent Muoki Mutisco mutisovm@yahoo.com
6. Maria Nelcy Rodriguez nrodrigu@javeriana.edu.co
7. K R John  (Group Coordinator) krjohn.john@gmail.com
8. M. N Mutshekwane mutshekwane@gmail.com

Proposal to be pursued

Injuries in children

Lead Dr K R John (IndiaCLEN)

Participating CLENs/countries: IndiaCLEN, ChinaCLEN, CanUSACLEN, EuroMedCLEN, LatinCLEN and INCLEN Africa

Group III: Maternal and Reproductive Health

1. Liangzhi Xu liangzxu@126.com
2. Evelina Chapman evelinachap@gmail.com
3. Hernando Gaitan hggaitand@unal.edu.co
4. Jayne Byakika Tusiime tusjayne@hotmail.com
5. B. S. Garg gargbs@gmail.com
6. Sharon Fonn sharon.fonn@wits.ac.za
7. Mmmipe Modise m-saasa@hotmail.com
8. Jayati Kusari  (Group Coordinator) jayati.kusari@gmail.com
9. Pinkie Moshadi Pinkie.Mosadi@gauteng.gov.za
10. Nomvula Maseko njmaseko@gmail.com

Proposal to be pursued

Maternal health without borders

Lead Dr BS Garg (IndiaCLEN) and E. Chapman (LatinCLEN)

Participating CLENs/countries: IndiaCLEN, LatinCLEN and ChinaCLEN and others to be invited

Group IV: Child Health

1. Yi Wang yiwang@shmu.edu.cn
2. Hesham El Syed  (Group Coordinator) heshamfatheyelsayed@gmail.com
3. Badr Mesbha badrmesbah@hotmail.com
4. Antonio L. Alves Da Cuhna acunha@hucff.ufrj.br
5. Manoj Das manoj@inclentrust.org
6. Haroon Saloojee haroon.saloojee@wits.ac.za
7. Himani Pandya himani.pandya@wits.ac.za

Proposals to be pursued

1. The epidemiological study of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in preterm infants

Lead- Mail Yi Wang and Mohd Rahbar to support

Participating CLENs/countries: ChinaCLEN, IndiaCLEN, INCLEN Africa, LatinCLEN and CanUSACLEN

It was also agreed that as the China team is already working on this study, they must move ahead. The other CLENs/teams to initiate the preparatory activities in own country/region. Mohammad Rahbar shall assist the teams in exploring the environmental risk factors.  China team will help other interested teams to prepare their field to start the study.

 2. Burden, risk factors and outcome of low birth weight among infants in developing countries Lead- Hesham El-Sayed

Participating CLENs/countries: INCLEN Africa, IndiaCLEN, and ChinaCLEN


Group V: Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome

1. Baoyan Liu liuby@mail.cintcm.ac.cn
2. Zhao Hong hongzhao2005@aliyun.com
3. E. K. Njeru  (Group Coordinator) eknjeru@gmail.com
4. Naval Kishore Vikram navalvikram@gmail.com
5. Rakesh N. Pillai rakesh.pillai@inclentrust.org
6. Prashant Mathur mathurp@icmr.org.in
7. Jeffrey Wing jeffrey.wing@wits.ac.za
8. Debashis Basu debashis.basu@wits.ac.za
9. Leegail Adonis leegale@me.com
10. Taskeen Khan khant@who.int

Proposals to be pursued

1.  Inter-ethnic comparisons for determinants of metabolic syndrome & pre-diabetes; and impact of culturally compatible traditional medicine on these disorders:  A multi-continent study

Lead- Baoyan Liu, ChinaCLEN

Participating CLENs/countries: ChinaCLEN, INCLEN Africa, and IndiaCLEN

2. Revisiting current definitions of diabetes and MS

Lead- E. K. Njeru, INCLEN Africa