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Francois Chapuis

President, EuroMedCLEN

Faculte de Medecine, Universite
Claude Bernard (CBERN) 8, Avenue
Rockefeller Lyon Cedex 08, 69373, France
Tel. +33 (4)78772833, 72115707/5168
Fax: +33 (4)78777097, 72115711
E-mail: francois.chapuis@chu-lyon.fr
Website: recif.univ-lyon1.fr


EuroMedCLEN was formally established in 2000, according to the new structure decided by the INCLEN Inc. and INCLEN Trust, and was based on the previous existing French speaking network RECIF (International French speaking Clinical Epidemiology network, established in 1988).

RECIF (Network of Epidemiology Clinic International Francophone) is a scientific group founded in Lyon in 1988 by the Universite` Claude Bernard Lyon I, the foundation Me`riux and he hospices civil de Lyon, with the support o the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The Mission of the RECIF EuroMedCLEN is :

  • Promote education and research applied in clinical epidemiology in French-speaking and European countries.
  • Promote the emergence of the concepts of clinical epidemiology by quantitative and qualitative methods.
  • Participate in improvement of the health system and support the needs of public health.

EuroMedCLEN :- CEUs and CERTCs :

  • Director & Member List

Sr.No. CLEN Designation Name Email
Handicap Dependence and Vulnerability, Lyon FRANCE  – CEU
1 Director Isabelle Poirot-Hodgkinson, MD Eric-Nicolas Bory, MD isabelle.poirot-hodgkinson@chu-lyon.fr eric-nicolas.bory@ch-le-vinatier.fr 
2 Member Carole Vuillerot carole.vuillerot@chu-lyon.fr 
3 Member Capucine de Lattre capucine.de-lattre@chu-lyon.fr 
4 Member Jean-Pierre Vadot jean-pierre.vadot@chu-lyon.fr 
5 Member Stephanie Fontaine stephanie.fontaine@chu-lyon.fr 
6 Member Behrouz.kassaï behrouz.kassai-koupai@chu-lyon.fr 
7 Member Valerie Laudy Valerie.laudy@chu-lyon.fr 
8 Member Akoï KOIVOGUI akoi.koivogui@ch-le-vinatier.fr 
9 Member Anne MICHELET anne.michelet@ch-le-vinatier.fr 
10 Member Sié Aly BARRO siealy.barro@ch-le-vinatier.fr 
11 Member Sandra MIRANDA sandra.miranda@ch-le-vinatier.fr 
12 Member Luminita MODOIANU Luminita.modoianu@ch-le-vinatier.fr 
13 Member Gnagna N’DIAYE gnagna.ndiaye@ch-le-vinatier.fr 
Colentina Clinical Hospital, Bucharest  – CEU
14 Director Razvan Adrian Ionescu tane67@gmail.com
15 Member Simona Caraiola scaraiola@yahoo.com
16 Member Anda Baicus abaicus@cantacuzino.ro
17 Member Radu Tanasescu radut72@gmail.com
18 Member Daniela gologanu gologanu@gmail.com
19 Member Corin Badiu badicrin@yahoo.co.uk
20 Member Catalin Mihai Popescu catalin.m.popescu@gmail.com
21 Member Daniela Galieta Minca pbhealth@univermed-cdgm.ro
22 Member Adriana Hristea adriana_hristea@yahoo.com
23 Member Ciprian Jurcut cjurcut@gmail.com
24 Member Ruxandra Jurcut rjurcut@gmail.com
25 Member Cristian Funieru thycristi@yahoo.com
26 Member Mihai Rimbas mrimbas@gmail.com
Université de Médecine et Pharmacie “Gr.T.Popa”, Lasi, Romania – CEU
27 Director Doina Azoicai doina.azoicai@gmail.com
28 Member Valeriu Rusu rusu_valer@yahoo.com 
29 Member Gabriel Ungureanu gungureanu@mednet.ro 
30 Member Traian Mihaescu tmihaescu@gmail.dntis.ro
31 Member Florin Mitu fmitu@mail.dntis.ro 
32 Member Carmen Dinescu dinescu@metal.icem.ro
33 Member Carmen Vulpoi cvulpoi@yahoo.fr
34 Member Vasile Drug vdrug@iasi.mednet.ro
35 Member Mioara Matei mat_calipso@yahoo.com
36 Member Cristina Gavrilescu cris_gavrilescu@yahoo.com.au
37 Member Lucian Boiculese lboiculese@yahoo.com
38 Member Cristina Gavrilovici cristina_gavrilovici@yahoo.com
39 Member Bianca Postolache bia.elena@yahoo.com
40 Member Danut Teodor teodordan@yahoo.com
41 Member Alice Grudnicki agrudnicki@yahoo.com
Unite RECIF de Tirgu Mures, Roumanie – CEU
42 Director Angela Borda aborda2001@yahoo.com
43 Member Klara Branzaniuc klara_branzaniuc@yahoo.com
44 Member Leonard Azamfirei decanatmed@umftgm.ro
45 Member Marius Marusteri mmika700@yahoo.com
46 Member Vladimir Bacarea bacarea@yahoo.com 
47 Member Daniela Munteanu danielaluciamuntean@yahoo.com
48 Member Silvia Imre silsta@yahoo.com
49 Member Dana Ghiga valentinaghiga@gmail.com
50 Member Minodora Dobreanu dobreanum@yahoo.com
51 Member Camil Vari camil.vari@yahoo.fr
52 Member Monica Tarcea monaumf2001@yahoo.com
53 Member Cristina Golea cristinagolea@yahoo.com
54 Member Anca Bacarea bacareaa@yahoo.com
55 Member Septimiu Voidazan septi_26_07@yahoo.com
56 Member Andrada Loghin andradaloghin@yahoo.com
57 Member Cosmin Moldovan cosmin.moldovan@gmail.com
58 Member Mariana Tilinca tilincamari@yahoo.com
59 Member Emese Sipos sipos.emese@yahoo.com
60 Member Liviu Enache enachesliviu@yahoo.com
61 Member Bogdan Haifa bogdan_adnan@yahoo.com
62 Member Marius Petrisor mariuspetrisor@gmail.com
63 Member Adela Nechifor Boila adela_boila@yahoo.com
64 Member Alin Nechifor Boila nechiforalin@yahoo.com
University of Annaba, Annaba, ALGERIA – CEU
65 Director Hanen Hocine hanhocine@yahoo.fr
66 Member Morad Bouaziz mbouaziz@hotmail.com 
67 Member Issan Friga ifrigaa@yahoo.fr
68 Member Hacene Brouk hacenebrouk@yahoo.fr
69 Member Roukya Mansouri rmansouri2006@yahoo.fr
70 Member Rachid Djafer chu_annaba_tox@yahoo.fr
71 Member Latifa Merdes lmerdes@yahoo.fr
72 Member Lotfi Farah farah_lotfi2000@yahoo.fr
73 Member Hayat Aoures haouras23@yahoo.fr
74 Member Nacima Djahmi djahmin@hotmail.fr
75 Member Henia Mechakra micha.2207@live.fr
76 Member Hamid Cherkaski cherkaski.hamid@yahoo.fr
77 Member Habiba Nacer habiba72006@yahoo.fr
Aarhus University Hospital, Aarhus, DENMARK – CERTC
78 Director Henrik Sorensen hts@soci.au.dk
79 Member Lars Pedersen lap@dce.au.dk
80 Member Søren P. Johnsen spj@dce.au.dk 
81 Member Ellen M. Mikkelsen em@dce.au.dk
82 Member Alma B. Pedersen abp@dce.au.dk
83 Member Mette Norgaard m.noergaard@rn.dk
84 Member Reimar W. Thomsen r.thomsen@rn.dk
University Hospital CHU Nord, Amiens, FRANCE – CERTC
85 Director Pierre Duhaut duhaut.pierre@chu.amiens.fr
Institute of social and preventive medicine, Department of community medicine and health, University Hospital and University of LausanneLausanne, SWITZERLAND – CERTC
86 Director Bernard Burnand bernard.burnand@chu.ch
87 Member Ballabeni Pierluigi Pierluigi.ballabeni@chuv.ch
88 Member Burnand Bernard Bernard.burnand@chuv.ch
89 Member Cornuz Jacques Jacques.cornuz@chuv.ch
90 Member Faouzi Mohamed Mohamed.faouzi@chuv.ch
91 Member Halfon Patricia Patricia.halfon@chuv.ch
92 Member Iglesias Rutishauser Katia Katia.iglesias@chuv.ch
93 Member Januel Jean-Marie Jean-marie.januel@chuv.ch
94 Member Peytremann Bridevaux Isabelle Isabelle.peytremann-bridevaux@chuv.ch
95 Member Pittet Valérie Valerie.pittet@chuv.ch
96 Member Rège Walther Myriam Myriam.rege@chuv.ch
97 Member Rousson Valentin Valentin.rousson@chuv.ch
98 Member Taffé Patrick Patrick.taffe@chuv.ch
99 Member Vader John-Paul John-paul.vader@chuv.ch
Hospices Civils de Lyon Site Lacassagne, Lyon – CEU
100 Director Anne-Marie Schott anne-marie.schott-pethelaz@chu-lyon.fr
101 Member Berthiller Julien Julien.berthiller@chu-lyon.fr
102 Member Bin Dorel Sylvie Sylvie.bin@chu-lyon.fr
103 Member Boublay Nawale Nawele.boublay@chu-lyon.fr
Universite Claude Bernard, Lyon, FRANCE – CERTC
104 Director Chapuis François Francois.chapuis@chu-lyon.fr
105 Member Pierre Duhaut duhaut.pierre@chu.amiens.fr 
106 Member Chapurlat Roland roland.chapurlat@laposte.net
107 Member Colin Cyrille cyrille.colin@chu-lyon.fr 
108 Member Decullier Evelyne Evelyne.decullier@chu-lyon.fr
109 Member Delahaye François Francois.delahaye@chu-lyon.fr
110 Member Denis Angèlique Angelique.denis@chu-lyon.fr
111 Member EcochardRené Rene.ecochard@chu-lyon.fr
112 Member Falgon Peggy Peggy.falgon@chu-lyon.fr
113 Member GuittardLaure Laure.guittard@chu-lyon.fr
114 Member Hajri Touria Touria.hajri@chu-lyon.fr
115 Member Huot Laure Laure.huot@chu-lyon.fr
116 Member Landrivon Gilles gilles.landrivon@wanadoo.fr
117 Member Letrilliart Laurent Laurent.letrilliart@wanadoo.fr
118 Member Maisonneuve Hervé Hervemaisonneuve@gmail.com
119 Member Matillon Yves y.matillon@gmail.com
120 Member Ploin Dominique Dominique.ploin@chu-lyon.fr
121 Member Rabilloud Muriel Muriel.rabilloud@chu-lyon.fr
122 Member Schott Anne-Marie Anne-marie.schott-pethelaz@chu-lyon.fr
123 Member Sebban Catherine sebban@lyon.fnclcc.fr
124 Member Berthiller Julien Julien.berthiller@chu-lyon.fr
125 Member Touzet Sandrine Sandrine.touzet@chu-lyon.fr
126 Member Villenuve Laurent Laurent.villeneuve@chu-lyon.fr
Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy – CEU
127 Director Irina Brumboiu anne-irinabrumboiu@gmail.com