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Jiyao Wang

President, ChinaCLEN

Professor of the Department of
Gastroenterology/Hepatology Zhongshan
Hospital, Fudan University, 136 Yixueyuan
Road, Shanghai 200032, China
Tel. 0086-21-64041990 Ext. 2117
Fax: 0086-21-64432583
E-mail: wang.jiyao@gmail.com

China CLEN new

ChinaCLEN Executive Office is situated at Fudan University, which is located in the biggest city of China, Shanghai. Fudan University is one of the leading universities in China.

The ChinaCLEN family functions through an extensive network of some of the best institutes in the country that function as CEUs and CERTCs.

ChinaCLEN aims to establish the most reliable clinical evidence and effective use of health resources and then to promote it on the basis of clinical practice to improve our health. Towards this end, the network of clinicians, statisticians and sociologists endeavours to build and maintain the overall medical research and education capabilities and is dedicated towards improving people’s health.

ChinaCLEN :- CEUs and CERTCs :

  • Director & Member List

Sr. No. CLEN Designation Name Email
Fudan university, Shanghai – CERTC
1 President Jiyao Wang wang.jiyao@gmail.com 
2 Member Fei Yan fyan@shmu.edu.cn
3 Member Fumin Shen jianglindi@medmail.com.cn
4 Member Guowei  Lin gwlin@shmu.edu.cn
5 Member Yifeng  He He_yifeng@sina.com
6 Member Hui     Yu yuhui4756@sina.com.cn
7 Member Jianlin Ji jianlinji@online.sh.cn
8 Member Xuejuan Jin xjin26@hotmail.com
9 Member Lindi  Jiang jianglindi@medmail.com.cn
10 Member Ling  Lv huashanlvling@sina.com
11 Member Meiqi  Mo mqmo@shmu.edu.cn
12 Member Bijie   Hu hubijie@vip.sina.com
13 Member Naiqing Zhao nqzhao@shmv.edu.cn
14 Member Pihuan  Jin phjin@epscn.com
15 Member Shiyao  Chen syaochen@163.com
16 Member Tianshu Liu tsliuceu@zshospital.net
17 Member Wei  Xu xu.wei@zs-hospital.sh.cn
18 Member Weiguo Wang wwg@zshospital.com
19 Member Weihu  Fan whf@medmail.com.cn
20 Member Weiping Wang jianglindi@medmail.com.cn
21 Member Weiqun Wang wangwq@shmu.edu.cn
22 Member Xiaoqing Wang wangxiaoqin@shmu.edu.cn
23 Member Bobing  Chen bobin_chen@yahoo.com
24 Member Yi  Wang yiwang516@hotmail.com
25 Member Yingyao Chen yychen@shmu.edu.cn
26 Member Yonghao Gui yhgui@shmu.edu.cn
27 Member Yu  Hu yuhu@zshospital.net
28 Member Boheng  Zhang bzhang@zshospital.net
29 Member Jie  Chen jianglindi@medmail.com.cn
30 Member Chouwen Zhu cwzhu@fudan.edu.cn
31 Member Dayong  Jin jianglindi@medmail.com.cn
32 Member Fan  Hu fanhu@zshospital.net
33 Member Fan  Le lefan@zshospital.net 
34 Member Ningping Zhang ningpingzhang@hotmail.com 
35 Member Hong  Gao hgao0636@sina.com 
36 Member Lili   Ma meteor_mll@hotmail.com 
37 Member Maoyue  Li 062102079@fudan.edu.cn 
38 Member Yuanzhi Yuan yuanyuanzhi@gmail.com 
Sichuan University, Sichuan – CERTC
39 Director Jing Li lijing68@hotmail.com
40 Member Bingjun Lei ceuwcums@mail.sc.cninfo.net 
41 Member Caigang Xu xucaigang@yahoo.com
42 Member Er  Chen ceuwcums@mail.sc.cninfo.net
43 Member Jin Chen chenjin888@sohu.com
44 Member Deying  Kang deyingkang@126.com
45 Member Birong  Dong birongdong@hotmail.com
46 Member Fang    Fang fangf59@yahoo.com.cn
47 Member Guanjian Liu ceuliugj@mail.sc.cninfo.net
48 Member Jialiang Wang wjllwx@126.com
49 Member Juesheng Wang jswang12@163.com
50 Member Li  Li ceuwcums@mail.sc.cninfo.net
51 Member LiangzhiXu liangzxu@126.com
52 Member Xiaoyang Liao liaoxiaoyang@sohu.com
53 Member Maoling Wei maolingwei@hotmail.com
54 Member Qi  Hong hqzlyhx@126.com
55 Member Qiang   Wei wq933@hotmail.com
56 Member Li  Qin qinli7@yahoo.com
57 Member Xin  Sun sunyzmy@hotmail.com
58 Member Suping  Zheng ceuwcums@mail.sc.cninfo.net
59 Member Taixiang Wu txwutx@hotmail.com
60 Member Chaomin Wan wcm0220@sina.com
61 Member Li  Wang cochrane@163.com
62 Member Xubao  Liu xbliu61@yahoo.com
63 Member Youping Li yzmylab@hotmail.com
64 Member Mingming Zhang cochrane@mail.sc.cninfo.net
Peking Union Medical College, Beijing – CEU
65 Director Xiaoqing Liu liuxq_pcmch@yahoo.com.cn 
66 Member Xiaoxian An Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
67 Member Zhengqing Zhang michellexq@hotmail.com
68 Member Wenjing Bai baixyz@tcmcec.com
69 Member Hongxin Cao Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
70 Member Keji    Chen kjchen@mail.com
71 Member Chen    Xia zhangzx@pumch.ac.cn
72 Member Xinnong Cheng Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
73 Member Meng    Cui cm@mail.cintcm.ac.cn
74 Member Weixin  Dai zhangzx@pumch.ac.cn
75 Member Liangyue Deng Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
76 Member Fuhui   Dong Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
77 Member Guangshe Fan zhangzx@csc.pumch.ac.cn
78 Member Yigong  Fang Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
79 Member Feng    Tao zhangzx@pumch.ac.cn
80 Member Xinghua Feng Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
81 Member JianshenGao Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
82 Member Ping    Gao zhangzx@pumch.ac.cn
83 Member Ronglin Gao Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
84 Member Guang   Liang zhangzx@pumch.ac.cn
85 Member Fengyue Han Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
86 Member Xuejie  Han xuejieh@hotmail.com
87 Member Liyun   He hly_88@sohu.com
88 Member Yanyan  He zhangzx@pumch.ac.cn
89 Member Xia     Hong zhangzx@pumch.ac.cn
90 Member Jingqing Hu Hujingq@tom.com
91 Member Yinqi   Hu Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
92 Member Baojin  Hua Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
93 Member Longxian Huang Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
94 Member Jinming Jia Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
95 Member Zhigao  Jin Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
96 Member Yan     Lei leiy999@163.com
97 Member Chunshen Li Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
98 Member Guodong Li Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
99 Member HongjiaoLi Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
100 Member Huashan Li Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
101 Member Hui     Li zhangzx@csc.pumch.ac.cn
102 Member Ping    Li pearll@tcmcec.com
103 Member Ping    Li catcmceu@mail.cintcm.ac.cn
104 Member Hongshen Lin Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
105 Member lan     Lin Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
The Fourth Military Medical University, Shanxi – CEU
106 Director Yongpin Yan yanyping@fmmu.edu.cn
107 Member Dezhong Xu xudezh@fmmu.edu.cn
108 Member Changqin Bai baiyang@fmmu.edu.cn
109 Member Caihong Wei hwcai@fmmu.edu.cn
110 Member Yanchun Deng yanghundeng@yahoo.com
111 Member Lixin   Ding tdllkzy@fmmu.edu.cn
112 Member Yunyou  Duan duanyy@fmmu.edu.cn
113 Member Daiming Fan fandaim@fmmu.edu.cn
114 Member Yuxin   Huang gastdyy9@fmmu.edu.cn
115 Member Guoliang Jia jgl73466@fmmu.edu.cn
116 Member XinliangJin mmmjjj63@sina.com
117 Member Lanshun Li lilansun@sina.com
118 Member LiangshoLi liliangs@fmmu.edu.cn
119 Member Yuangui Li liyuan@fmmu.edu.cn
120 Member Zhuyi   Li tdneuro@fmmu.edu.cn
121 Member Xuedong Liu dong0752@163.com
122 Member Yong    Long longyong71@163.co
123 Member Tianqiu Mao tqmao@fmmu.edu.cn
124 Member Ke      Men gncbmk@fmmu.edu.cn
125 Member Changshe Sun shchsh@fmmu.edu.cn
126 Member Anhui   Wang wike@263.net
127 Member Bo      Wang wbfmmu@263.net
128 Member Haichang Wang wanghc@fmmu.edu.cn
129 Member Jie     Xia medstat@fmmu.edu.cn
130 Member Yongyong Xu xuyongyong@fmmu.edu.cn
131 Member Yuanqing Yao yqyao@hotmail.com
132 Member Guoliang Zhang kgmzk@fmmu.edu.cn
133 Member Lei     Zhang shaochen@fmmu.edu.cn
134 Member Zhiying Zhang depirs@fmmu.edu.cn
135 Member Lianyou Zhao zhaolyfmmu@yahoo.com.cn
Hunan Central South University, Changsha – CEU
136 Director Shangjie Wu wu_shangjie@hotmail.com
137 Member Weili   Tang FETWL@MEDMAIL.COM.CN
138 Member Daoquan Peng Pengdq@hotmail.com
139 Member Yuetao  Wu wuyuetao99@yahoo.com.cn
140 Member Shuiping Zhao ZHAOSP@medmail.com.cn
China Academy of TCM, Beijing – CEU
141 Director Baoyan  Liu liuby@mail.cintcm.ac.cn
142 Member Feng    Liu catcmceu@mail.cintcm.ac.cn
143 Member Xiaoqing Liu zhangzx@pumch.ac.cn
144 Member Ximing  Liu Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
145 Member Zhishun Liu Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
146 Member Cheng   Lu lv_cheng0816@163.com
147 Member Chongmei Lu zhangzx@pumch.ac.cn
148 Member Aiping  Lv lap64067611@126.com
149 Member Jixing  Ma Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
150 Member Rou     Ma Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
151 Member Zhao    Mu catcmceu@mail.cintcm.ac.cn
152 Member Jin     Peng pengjin2000@163.com
153 Member Bingkui Piao Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
154 Member Xuemei  Qin qingxm1028@126.com
155 Member Zhonglia Song zhangzx@pumch.ac.cn
156 Member Ruifang Sui zhangzx@pumch.ac.cn
157 Member Shuchun Sun Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
158 Member Xudong  Tang txdly@sina.com
159 Member Youzhi  Tang Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
160 Member Xinyuan Tong Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
161 Member Xia     Wan Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
162 Member Jian    Wang Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
163 Member Jianshen Wang Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
164 Member Jie     Wang wangjie0103@ yahoo.com.cn
165 Member Yiguo   Wang ygw541@yahoo.com.cn
166 Member Yinghui Wang wangyh@tcmcec.com
167 Member Yongyan Wang wangyyan@public.bta.net.cn
168 Member Zhiguo  Wang abcdef@public.bta.net.cn
169 Member Zhong   Wang zhonw@sina.com
170 Member Jianan  Wei catcmceu@mail.cintcm.ac.cn
171 Member Zixiao  Wei Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
172 Member Weimin  Liu vikienew@yahoo.com.cn
173 Member Tiancai Wen tiancai.wen@gmail.com
174 Member Weiliang Weng xywwl@sina.com
175 Member Changshe Wu hbwuchangsheng@163.com
176 Member Shengxia Wu catcmceu@mail.cintcm.ac.cn
177 Member Renming Xie catcmceu@mail.cintcm.ac.cn
178 Member Yanming Xie caigong4408@vip.sohu.com
179 Member JiangqinXu zhangzx@pumch.ac.cn
180 Member Ling    Xu zhangzx@csc.pumch.ac.cn
181 Member Qiuli   Yang yql126@126.com
182 Member Naili   Yao Nailiyao@gmail.com
183 Member Konglai Zhang zhangzx@csc.pumch.ac.cn
184 Member Qiming  Zhang zhang_917@126.com
185 Member Yanhong Zhang dalifortune@126.com
186 Member Zhenxin Zhang zhangzx@csc.pumch.ac.cn
187 Member JialiangZhao zhangzx@csc.pumch.ac.cn
188 Member Aixiang Zhou Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
189 Member Shaohua Zhou Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
190 Member Wenquan Zhou Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
191 Member Bing    Zhu Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
192 Member Chuanyou Zhu zhangzx@pumch.ac.cn
193 Member Jiangui Zhu Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
194 Member Zengyuan Zhuang Liuweimin68@yahoo.com.cn
Zhejiang University, Hangzhou – CEU
195 Director Kun     Chen ck@zju.edu.cn
196 Member Genming Shi shigenming@csco.org.cn
197 Member Guoxian Chen chenguox@hzcnc.com.cn
198 Member Chunhong Xie Xch_hz@hotmail.com
199 Member Chunmei Peng pcm98@sohu.com
200 Member Feng    Ji ck@zju.edu.cn
201 Member Zhuying Gu guzhuying@hotmail.com
202 Member Hongmei Wang rosa@zju.edu.cn
203 Member Jianmin Si Sijm57@hotmail.com
204 Member Lu      Li lilu@zju.edu.cn
205 Member Xueyan  Yao Yaoxy303@hzcnc.com
206 Member Yimin   Zhu zhuym@zju.edu.cn
207 Member Hai     Yu yuhai@zju.edu.cn
208 Member Yuanluo Le ylle@zju.edu.cn
209 Member Yang    Zhang zhangy@zju.edu.cn
210 Member Yunxian Yu yunxianyu@zju.edu.cn
211 Member Shanchun Zhang shanchun.zhang@gmail.com
212 Member MingjuanJin jinmj@zju.edu.cn
213 Member Hui     Wang wanghui1983@zju.edu.cn
Shanghai Second Medical University, Shanghai – CEU
214 Director Xiaoxing Xu xuxiaoxing@sohu.com
215 Member Huiqing Zhou yaominzhou@sohu.com
216 Member Jianhua Lin linjhuaj@126.com
217 Member Jianwen Li ljw5@yeah.net
218 Member JianxingZhu jxzhu@265.com
219 Member Jin     Ma majin@shsmu.edu.cn
220 Member Jingwen Gu jingwengu@yahoo.com
221 Member Lifan   Xiong X122649@hotmail.com
222 Member Minhua  Zheng zmhtiger@yeah.net
223 Member Peidi   Lin jianglindi@medmail.com.cn
224 Member Rong    Shi shirong61@yahoo.com.cn
225 Member Xiaonan Hong jianglindi@medmail.com.cn
226 Member Dingguo Li dingguo_li@263.net
227 Member Yanyan  Hu ynynhu@yahoo.com
228 Member Cheng   Yu wangchengyuyi@hotmail.com
229 Member Guangjun Yu yuguanfjun@smhb.gov.cn
230 Member Yulan   Qiu qiuqiuyulan@hotmail.com
231 Member Zhenjun He hezhenjuan@etang.com
232 Member Zhibing Mo mzbcoh@sohu.com
Shandong University, Jinan – CEU
233 Director Shumei  Wang wshm@sdu.edu.cn
234 Member Beihua  Kong kongbeihua@sdu.edu.cn
235 Member Yulin   Wang Wangyl01@sina.com 
236 Member Qingyue Meng qmeng@sdu.edu.cn
237 Member Jiezhen Wang  wlf@sdu.edu.cn
238 Member Ming    Hou houming@medmail.com.cn
239 Member Yanqing Li mx8902@163.com
240 Member Ming    Lu lu.ming528@gmail.com
241 Member Baorong Yu bryu@sdu.edu.cn
242 Member Jie     Jiang jie.jiang66@gmail.com
243 Member LingzhonXu lzxu@sdu.edu.cn
244 Member Cunxian Jia jiacunxian@sdu.edu.cn
245 Member Huanqin Chen jiangjie_jn@yahoo.com.cn
246 Member Qiushang Ji jiqius@yahoo.com.cn  
247 Member Qifeng Yang qifengy@gmail.com 
Peking Traditional Chinese Medicine University, Beijing – CEU
248 Director Jiangpin Liu jianping_l@hotmail.com;
Second Military Medical University of China, Shanghai – CEU
249 Director Zhaoshen Li zhsli@81890.net
250 Member Zongdao Shi shizd0664@163.com
251 Member Quancai Cai qccai@smmu.edu.cn
252 Member Yu      Bai baiyu1998@hotmail.com
253 Member Houjia  Liu liuhoujia@yahoo.com.cn
254 Member Wei     Zhu zhuwei1109@163.com
255 Member Jianping Zhong zgwknjbjb@sina.com
256 Member Shengde Ge zgwknjbjb@sina.com
257 Member Liping  Ma dr.maliping@gmail.com
258 Member Yuchao  Dong dongyc1020@yahoo.com.cn
259 Member Jingxi  Zhang jingxizhang2000@yahoo.com.cn
260 Member Duowu   Zou duowuzou@hotmail.com
261 Member Wen     Huang huangsh666@263.net
262 Member Zhuan   Liao liaozhuan@hotmail.com
263 Member Maojin  Xu xumaojin@yahoo.com.cn
264 Member Qiang   Fu fumaye66@163.com
265 Member Ping    Li Pingli1965@163.com
266 Member Shengmin Dai dsm@medmail.com.cn
267 Member Jianhua Wu wujh_ch@163.com
268 Member Xinling Bi bixinling@163.com
269 Member Jianwei Bi bijianwei@medmail.com.cn
270 Member Xiaojun Shen shenxj@medmail.com.cn
271 Member Hao     Wang wanghaohh@gmail.com
272 Member Gang    Jin jingang@sohu.com
273 Member Kai     Yin kyin671124@yahho.com.cn
274 Member Jiacan  Su sujiacan@yahoo.com.cn
275 Member Linhui  Wang wlhui@medmail.com.cn
276 Member Chuanlia Xu xuchuanliang@medmail.com.cn
277 Member Li      Li lilihbs@163.com
278 Member Hao     Zhang dr.zhghao@gmail.com
279 Member Qinghai Huang ocinhqh@163.com
280 Member Kaiyang Lv lvkaiyang@hotmail.com
281 Member Yuanchan Xiong ychxiong@sina.com
282 Member Xiaofeng Zhai zhaixiaofeng@sina.com
283 Member Wenjie  Li wenjieli@pku.org.cn
284 Member Jun     Zhang schoman123@yahoo.com
285 Member ChangjinZuo changjing.zuo@gmail.com
286 Member Shen    Gao GGSS99@126.com
287 Member Zhen    Li lizhen-01@163.com
288 Member Zhuo    Wang wangzhuo088@yahoo.com.cn
289 Member Li      Zhang zhangli_shanghai@yahoo.com.cn
290 Member Ping    Jiang jp2000ch@sina.com
291 Member Xiangji Luo xjiluo2002@126.com
292 Member Zhenghua Lu lu_zhenghua@126.com
293 Member Hui     Dong huidongwh@126.com
294 Member Qian    Zhu lily_cherry@163.com
295 Member Yao     Huang huangyaodr@msn.com